Kick-start your bike journey with I-Ride without owning one!

I-Ride, associated with Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) is a company based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh which provides Rental Two-Wheeler. To unveil more about the company, Wonderlust conducted an interaction with Niraj jategaonkar. Owner. I-Ride.

Offering easy, safe and economical services, (-Ride provides two-wheeler for all transmitting needs in and around Indore for local and outstation trips across Madhya Pradesh. I-Ride is the only rental two wheeler service provider, associated with state government under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

Speaking about the features offered by the company through high-technology bike security system, Jategaonkar said, "There are infinite use-ful qualities that our security system provides in-cluding real time bike visibility, map view, geo-fencing, speed sensors, dent sensors, activity report, speed report, arrival and departure alerts, restrictive bike movement alert, border crossing alert, real time auto message alerts."

Two-wheeler gives you the freedom to explore narrow lanes and escape through the busiest and most clogged up traffic with least inconvenience. Riding a two-wheeler is also the cheapest mode of transportation, enabling all social classes to communicate freely.

Referring to the status of the business, Jategaonkar informed, "Many pre-loaded private fea-tures which can only be operated by the owner of the company, establishes our monopoly in the rental two-wheeler market .

History Going down the memory lane, Jategaonkar re-called that he started Travel Link Company in April 1999 in Indore city and gained experience of 15 years in the travelling business. However, observing the issue of congested roads and growing traffic, he decided to begin I-Ride, rental two-wheeler services with its inauguration in November 2014 at AICTSL office, Indore. "

From the micro level of one office, the company went on to open io more offices at different locations in Indore to reach the customers easily and to give optimum utilization of our services to the customers:' he mentioned.

Objectives The company has formulated a number of objectives to fulfill in order to provide optimum value of the services to the customers. Jategaonkar also explains the aims of I-Ride that are frequently monitored to ensure quality delivery of services. Customer comfort and satisfaction is top most priority along with friendly terms and conditions, mentions Jategaonkar. I-Ride also ensures women security and safety through installation of modern protection technology. Driving a personal two-wheeler also imparts confidence and helps women to avoid the struggles of daily travelling by public transportation.

Bike Tourism Bike Tourism is a unique and fresh concept which can help in expanding a state's tourism growth and stature. Attracting the young travelers to the

thrill factor, Bike Tourism is a beneficial sector where opportunities and profits can be generated. I-Ride boosts an essential segment of tourism with its services promoting Bike Tourism. I-Ride in the form packages also includes adventure trips with medical and mechanical facilities to the riders. Jate-gaonkar informed that they organize trips to Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Tincha Fall, Pachmarhi, Mandav, Bandhav-garh and other tourist spots with a tinge of thrill and ad-venture. He also opined that executives from multi-national companies require two-wheelers for transmitting between the nearby cities of Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Pitham-pur, Ratlam, Dewas, Maksi and Sanwer road. I-Ride also provides transportation on rent to these companies at a nominal rate structure.

Branding I-Ride Mere existence of services is redundant in lack of adequate advertising and pro-motion in the market to lure the customers. Speaking about the very essential part of branding for the business administration, Jategaonkar says, "I-Ride does its branding by posting videos and pictures on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube etc. and broadcasting videos in the passenger charted buses:' "I-Ride also endorses in the power of verbal communication as well as advertises through posters on hoardings, billboards and distribution of pamphlets at pick spots," he added.

Latest Developments and Future Plans Right from the beginning of I-RIDE, the company has updated its services and system according to the consumers' requirement with implementation of all the latest innovative technologies and modern amenities. Jategaonkar informs, "In our bikes, we have latest technologies for safe and secure driving by the customers. Additional system programs like General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and tracker devices for tracking each bike have been installed:' I-Ride gears up to provide best services to its customers by opening loci sub stations at different areas and recently commenced at a few at places like Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Bhopal, Patalpani etc. Adding to the list of future plans and goals, Jategaonkar exclaimed, "Our aim is to have woo bikes to increase our services and expand the business. We want to extend our brand to a worldwide level with our hard work:'